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What are we afraid of?


I often ask myself why it seems so scary to challenge our own beliefs.  Reality doesn’t care whether we believe this or that, so what is the big deal about having to believe in something.  And why do we flick this questioning off as ridiculous?

Why are we so afraid of not knowing?

Every time we believe in something… anything really… we make up a reality. (Does that sound strange?)   If we are making it up then it can’t be anything but illusion.

Dictionary: Illusion.

  • an erroneous mental presentation
  • something many people believe that is wrong

A lot of scientifically minded people would smile and say that their world view is based on fact and not illusion.

A lot of people of the Faith would smile and say that their world view is based on fact and not illusion.

Dictionary: Fact

  • a thing that is indisputably the case
  • a truth about events as opposed to interpretation

How far are you personally willing to go in order to find the truth? Or are you happy to live in a made up blob of make belief?

If we look at a couple of essential observations, then you can see what I am pointing at.

Most religions believe that there is only one creator.  This creator created good/holy.  Who created bad/evil?  If there is only One, then there cannot be ‘other than’. There cannot be two ore more.  Either God created evil or God is not allmighty.

Most scientists believe in the substance of matter.  But the whole concept of matter as something either solid or stable disappears if you look closely enough at it.  So maybe, if matter is not really there in the way we think it is, just maybe matter is not all there is.  And maybe the way we think the Universe is, is not the way it really is.

Are we ready to look at reality without preconceived ideas and beliefs?

What are we afraid of?


Author: Soul Insights

A visionary teacher and jeweller, with over 30 years experience in healing and meditation, and co-owner of Soul Design with my wife Margaret Ninness. She creates the Soul Necklace, the ultimate gemstone therapy. I am also available for Skype sessions focusing on Awakening from the person.

6 thoughts on “What are we afraid of?

  1. Good question! Fear has to be the root cause of our suffering as humans and maybe the key to dismantling illusion. It seems difficult for most of us to approach life without conditioning and reaction. Perhaps equally useful tho, for me anyway, is exploring what do we love, which leads of course to … what is love?

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂
      I agree that fear is the main/only cause of human suffering.
      How do you personally experience love? We must seek the direct experience that comes before thought in order to enter reality.

      • I guess like most people I have learned what love is (and isn’t) through relationship ie with my Self, partners, kids, animals; but those times when I have felt truly connected to the One Life (so to speak) it has been spontaneous. I haven’t looked for it.

  2. It seems to me that deciding on what is fact and fiction can be a moving target. It used to be a fact that earth was flat and now it would be hard to find someone to agree to this statement. So was it ever fact? At the time it was believed to be true, it certainly met the dictionary definition of being fact … and yet now we know it is not true. So what else is there in our reality that is not fact even though we believe it to be so right now? The mind boggles.

    After reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy many years ago, I have often amused myself with the idea that earth was an experiment that has gone horribly wrong. Look at our reality at face value. Would anyone agree that they chose to create a world full of crime, wars, hate, despair, … Wouldn’t we all love to live in a supportive, nurturing environment, that met all of our needs easily and effortlessly? Where we received everything we ever wanted without even asking for it. Where our life’s work was to be ourselves and to do what it is that we truly love to do every day and every minute of every day. Paradise you might say … or would you consider it to be an illusion if this suddenly became your reality? What are the facts? And how long will they remain the facts?

    Happy pondering!


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